Saturday, 5 October 2013

You have to start somewhere.

Today, for some reason, I have decided to start a new football blog. Whilst I have previously been a contributor on Australian, Japanese, Asian and Dutch football in the past for and more recently I have now decided I need to go at my own pace on a topic that is somewhat closer to my heart in a more anecdotal and familiar style.
 Furthermore, as I have not been writing too much at all lately due to various reasons (mostly blatant laziness) I feel now is the time to shake off the rust and turn my wrists into jelly once again.
 First of all, as this is an introduction post, I will outline myself a bit more. I am an Australian citizen currently residing in Japan. I am a Queensland native and up until this year I had spent the last fair bit of my life in Brisbane. I have been writing on football, and certainly commenting on it, for some time. I have written articles for, as I mentioned above, insidefootball and I recently got back into the game at

 From the outset I will say that I am a supporter of Australia, the Netherlands and Japan in International football and I follow PSV Eindhoven, Brisbane Roar and Nagoya Grampus Eight at club-level. I do watch and follow the English Premier League and keep up with information from some of the other bigger leagues but I will mostly be writing about the A-League and the
Socceroos. Although, if the occasion arrives, I may well throw in some other tidbits from other leagues I'm interested in from time to time. But to reiterate, this will be focused on Australian affairs.

 Why follow this blog you may ask? Well, I hope that I can give you a relatively balanced and informative view about Australian football with a somewhat cynical slant on it. However, just like anyone I may get overly excited or overly optimistic at times.

 The timing of this blog is to basically fit in with the A-League season that is coming up very shortly on the 11th of October with Sydney FC playing against Newcastle United Jets. Also the hope is that I will be able to put something up about the upcoming Socceroos friendlies against France and Canada. From (probably) tomorrow I will do my best to upload 2 or 3 previews per day on the various teams that will include things like the ins and outs at the various clubs, relevant news that may affect their chances as well as looking at key men and possible youth bolters.

 So! From today I will start alphabetically with a comment on Adelaide United and Brisbane Roar. I am only doing in this order because, well, it's alphabetical. I hope to have something up tonight. Peace.

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